Data management & Security policy:
Completed data , audio recordings and other associated files prepared from them, are the property of Amet, which
will be entitled to destroy records without reference to the client after the periods specified below:
❑ All associated research materials will be retained for 12 months after the submission of the data/tables/report
and the data is preserved on the Amet server for 12 months
❑ Raw/processed data will be preserved for two years after the submission of the report; the client shall have
access to the data for additional analysis at a mutually agreed cost
❑ Data of continuous surveys for such clients will be retained for two years after the termination of the survey
❑ These time periods will not apply in the following cases:
Very large Ad hoc or continuous studies where Amet will specify the time for retaining the questionnaires
or any associated research materials or the data, where in the client and Amet have agreed to a different
time frame
Code of Conduct:
The ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice protects the identity of the respondent
and the client, ensures confidentially of all relevant information provided by the client to the research agency and
also describes the mutual responsibilities of the client and the research agency